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Become a Volunteer:
Contact Alexi Haack @
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Emcee (Crowd Leader):
Contact Akshar Gopal @

Mascoting (How to become the UC Davis Mascot):
Contact Steffi Brikovich @

Internship Opportunities with UC Davis Athletics in Marketing, Promotions, and Tickets:
Contact the Aggie Pack at

General Inquiries about the Aggie Pack:
Contact the Aggie Pack at

Social Media Outlets:
Aggie Pack Facebook
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How do I join the Aggie Pack?
Simply attend one home UC Davis game designated as an Aggie Pack event. Once you check-in for FREE we will hand you your authentic Aggie blue, Aggie Pack T-shirt for FREE! You are now officially apart of the Aggie Pack, "The Largest Student Spirit Organization in the Nation."

How much does the Aggie Pack cost?

Who can join the Aggie Pack?
UC Davis students. This program is all about the students!

Is every athletic event FREE for Aggie Pack members?
YES, every regular-season home athletic event is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Aggie Pack members! Come to as many events as you can for FREE and show your Aggie Pride!

What do I wear to athletic events?
If you want to be in the official Aggie Pack student section, Wear Aggie Blue! Just like the teams we support this is your uniform and identifies you as being part of the Aggie Pack at games (which means more free stuff while you are there).

What if I ran out of Aggie Blue to wear?
This may happen once in your college career, you will still be admitted for FREE into the event but you may not be able to get into the Aggie Pack student section.

What is it with all this FREE stuff?
UC Davis Athletics appreciates the Aggie Pack student fan support and wants to make sure that you, the student, have the best time possible at athletic events. Therefore, we give away thousands of dollars of FREE stuff every month!

How do I get my official Aggie Pack Aggie Blue t-shirt for FREE!
Simply show up to an Aggie Pack event with your student ID and swipe your ID at the Aggie Pack check-in table. Make sure to arrive early as t-shirts are given out on game by game and is on first-come-first- served basis.

How come I need tickets sometimes to games and not other times?
As a UC Davis student 99% of the time your student ID is your ticket into the game. On some occassions, seating is extremely limited and a FREE hard copy ticket will be needed to enter the game. Your FREE hard copy ticket can be picked up at the Aggie Pack check-in table at the event.

How do I get more information about Aggie Pack events?
You can follow the Aggie Pack many ways. One of the easiest ways to get information about Aggie Pack events is through social media such as email, Facebook, and Twitter.
- Aggie Pack Facebook Page
- Aggie Pack Twitter Page
- UC Davis Athletics Facebook Page
- UC Davis Athletics Twitter Page
- UC Davis Athletic E-Scores updates: follow your favorite Aggie team or all of them via your cell phone

Still have more questions?
Email the Aggie Pack at