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Aggie Pride Outlet FAQ


What is the Aggie Pride Outlet?
The Aggie Pride Outlet is the essential store for the ultimate Aggie fan! With everything from official game-day apparel to FREE incentive items, the Aggie Pride Outlet is your blue and gold headquarters.

What does APO stand for?
APO is an acronym for Aggie Pride Outlet.

How does the Aggie Pride Outlet Work?
The APO works by allowing Aggie fans to get outlet prices for simply coming to UC Davis Athletic Contests. When you arrive at selected athletic events an Aggie Host at the entrance will hand you 10 Aggie Bucks. Bring your Aggie Bucks to the APO located near the main entrance of the contest. There you may redeem your Aggie Bucks for FREE* items or for discounted UC Davis merchandise.

What are Aggie Bucks?
Aggie Bucks are currency given to Aggie Pack and Aggie Fanatic members when they check-in at Athletic Contests.

How are my Aggie Bucks Redeemed?
Aggie Bucks are redeemed for discounted UC Davis apparel and merchandise sold at the Aggie Pride Outlet during select Athletic contests. Each Aggie Buck you have, you will receive discounted price for one item. The more Aggie Bucks you have the more items you can purchase at a discounted price. Aggie Bucks may also be redeemed for a FREE* item to be given away at the Aggie Pride Outlet.

How much of a discount or FREE stuff can I get?
You can get as much FREE stuff as you want. Each Aggie Buck is good for one FREE item in the cookie jar. As far as discounts go you can use a max of 10 Aggie Bucks per APO item. An example would be:

Example: Navy UC DAVIS sweatshirt.
Retail price is $55
APO 10 Aggie Buck price is $25

Is one Aggie Buck a set percentage or discount off an item?
No, each Aggie Buck is gives you a different discount off APO merchandise. An example would be:

Example: You get a different price break on a sweatshirt then you would on an antenna ball.

Can I get FREE stuff too?
Yes, of course! Each Aggie Buck is worth one FREE item from the APO "Cookie Jar."

What is the APO Cookie Jar?
The APO "Cookie Jar" allows Aggie fans to get FREE items with Aggie Bucks while supplies last. The "Cookie Jar" contains items from the Aggie Pride Outlet. Items range from FREE bumper stickers to FREE sweatshirts.

How do I earn more Aggie Bucks?
To earn more Aggie Bucks all you have to do is attend more home UC Davis Athletic Contests. Each contest that Aggie Hosts are passing out Aggie Bucks you receive one Aggie Buck. If you are wandering how many Aggie Bucks can you get there are about 150 events a year!

Do my Aggie Bucks ever expire?
No, they never expire. You earned them and we want you to always be able to use them, so bring them to the next UC Davis Athletic Contest.

Why should I shop at the Aggie Pride Outlet?
Because everyone needs UC Davis merchandise. Here are a few reasons to shop at the APO next time.
1. Cheapest official UC Davis apparel and merchandise.
2. Everyone has a birthday and you never know what to get them.
3. Excellent holiday gifts.
4. You are short on time and it's essential that you need to be at the UC Davis home athletic event.
5. Everyone you know already shops there.
6. Because you like to buy stuff at cheaper prices so you can get yourself stuff too.

Where is the Aggie Pride Outlet?
The APO is at all home football games , most home basketball games and at selected olympic sports throughout the year. Be on the lookout for the APO because it may be at your next event.

Can I buy Aggie Pride Outlet merchandise online?
Not at this time.

Why are Aggie Pride Outlet prices so cheap?
Because UC Davis Athletics wants to spread Aggie Pride around the globe and also reward the greatest fans in the world for coming to the game. We can't think of better reason then to sell official UC Davis merchandise at the cheapest prices to our most devoted fans.

Where will the Aggie Pride Outlet be at next?
Check the Aggie Pack Homepage to see the next event the APO will be at.

What is the item/s of the week?
The item of the week is a special available to everyone at the next APO event allowing you to purchase the item of the week at the maximum discount price with only one Aggie Buck!

I bought something but I got the wrong size, what do I do?
No problem. At the next APO event bring your item and receipt and we will exchange it for the correct size. Sorry no refunds.

How can I pay?
The APO accepts all major credit cards, checks, and U.S. currency (cash).



*subject to quantities on hand