"The Battle for the Golden Horseshoe"
UC Davis vs. Cal Poly

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The Golden Horseshoe

The Battle for the Golden Horseshoe rivalry continues in its nineth year. The Aggies have won "The Battle for the Golden Horseshoe" for the last three consecutive years.

Both teams are very well matched. The game will be close. The intensity will be ridiculous. Help the Aggies to victory by showing the Cal Poly Mustang fans who are the best fans in the Great West. Don't forget to, Wear Aggie Blue!

History: Battle for the Golden Horseshoe

One October morning, the Aggie Pack received a call from Cal Poly's Mustang Maniacs. A challenge was issued from the students of Cal Poly to the students of UC Davis. Now, a friendly rivalry that had been brewing for years, had been given substance. The two universities, separated by a 5 hour drive would play an annual football game for bragging rights and "The Golden Horseshoe."

Both universities share a lot of similarities including both beginning as agricultural based schools with mustangs as their mascots. The Mustang Maniacs and Aggie Pack have had a friendly rivalry for years, and in 2003-04 began a tradition involving the exchange of The Golden Horseshoe.

The Construction of The Golden Horseshoe

The construction of The Golden Horseshoe became just as intense as the football game itself. With any good rivalry there are two sides to every story and the construction of the trophy has had its battles too. According to the Mustang Maniacs the construction of this horseshoe was underway and that it would be a beautiful two foot tall trophy. However, with less than two weeks until the game, the Aggie Pack received a call saying that the Mustang Maniacs could not fulfill their end of the deal and asked for assistance in building the trophy. The Aggie Pack took on the challenge of building this trophy and having it ready for the game which was less than 10 days away.

Many resources on campus were used to build the beautiful, two foot tall horseshoe. Just as the Aggie Pack was completing the construction of the horseshoe, a call was received from the Mustang Maniacs claiming that they had built their own "Golden Horseshoe." The question then arose, if both schools built a horseshoe, which one would be the Official Golden Horseshoe?

This is when the stakes were raised. Both UC Davis and Cal Poly agreed that the team that won the inaugural Battle for the Golden Horseshoe game would not only win bragging rights but the winning football team would determine which trophy would be used for the new rivalry. If UC Davis won the game, the trophy that the Aggie Pack constructed would be the Official Golden Horseshoe and vice-a-versa.

With only 20 seconds left on the game clock, Cal Poly was looking like they would take home the inaugural "Battle for the Golden Horseshoe." Trailing by 4, the Aggies were down but not out. UC Davis drove up the field and with 13 seconds left in the game, Tony Kays caught a 14-yard touchdown pass from Jon Grant in the back of the endzone. With the stunning victory in the last seconds of the game, the Aggies clinched their 35th consecutive winning season and more importantly won the first ever "Golden Horseshoe."

2004-2011 Batte for the Golden Horseshoe Results
UC Davis Victorys are bolded

2004 UC Davis 36 Cal Poly 33
2005 UC Davis 20 Cal Poly 13
2006 UC Davis 17 Cal Poly 23
2007 UC Davis 28 Cal Poly 63
2008 UC Davis 28 Cal Poly 51

2009 UC Davis 23 Cal Poly 10
2010 UC Davis 22 Cal Poly 21
2011 UC Davis 24 Cal Poly 17

2012 Date TBA - Alex G. Spanos Stadium in San Luis Obispo


Battle for the Golden Horseshoe Trophy
34" tall by 23.5" wide