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Gunrock is the official mascot and ambassador of UC Davis and Athletics. Gunrock can be found at Aggie Athletic events and in around the community. Make sure to say hi to Gunrock next time you see him and don't forget to give him "hoof."

Gunrock Bio:
Height: 18 hands Weight: 8 Aggie Packers
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Ed
Favorite Food: Pizza with Hay and Extra Oats
Favorite Team: UC DAVIS
Favorite Colors: Naaavyyy and Gold
Favorite Saying: Go Ags!
Favorite Activity: Horsing Around

Advice from a horse - 5 cents
A kiss from a blue horse - FREE

Seeing a horse of a different color - Priceless

How Did Gunrock Get His Name???

         In February 2003 a new mascot came onto the UC Davis campus.   After decades of not having an official mascot, a blue mustang came galloping onto the university campus.   With a new mascot on the UC Davis campus, students and community embarked on a historical vote to name the new mascot .   Gunrock got his name in 2003 when fans overwhelmingly (98%) chose it through an online Internet poll.  

         But this does not really explain how the name Gunrock was chosen to be voted upon on in the online voter poll.   For this we will have to go back into UC Davis history to trace Gunrock family tree back to the 1920's.   During the roaring '20s students at the university farm named Cal Davis received the opportunity to choose a school mascot.    Being an agricultural and veterinary school the students chose a mustang horse.   The students now needed to name the mustang so the students looked no further then a Thoroughbred on campus who was a relative of the famed racehorse Man o' War named Gun Rock.   Gun Rock was a Thoroughbred brought to the university farm in the 1920's to supply high-quality stock for the U.S. Army Calvary.   Students chose to name the school mascot in honor of Gun Rock where later the two-word spelling of the name was combined to just Gunrock .   For years Gunrock was the official school mascot and in 2003 our new blue mustang would be named Gunrock in his honor.

Special thanks to Sports Information for the history of Gunrock


Where's Gunrock???

Can you find Gunrock in this picure at UC Davis Wrestling vs. Iowa in 2005?